Recent Adoptions

Harry found his forever home on 9/13/2020. His family came to the shelter looking for a pet and he showed off and won their hearts.

Penny went to the vet and had the growths on her leg taken off, hematoma on her ear drained, and started thyroid and heart worm meds. She came back tot he shelter to recover and we got a call from someone looking fore a senior dog. This call was Penny’s one way ticket out of the shelter and into an amazing home. Enjoy the good life Penny, you deserve it. 8/20/20.

Khaki had his eye surgery and recovered very well from it. He was adopted by a family on 8/2/2020 and doing great. Khaki’s family has reported that “he is doing amazing.” “He is so good with my little boy and other dog! We’ve had absolutely no problems out of him and he behaves and listens so good.”

Woody and his new brother. Woody went to his forever home on 7/30/2020.

Sandy got her forever home. Congratulations Sandy 7/18/2020.

Roux went to her forever home. 7/11/2020

Gracie in her forever home.7/1/2020

Zoey, before and after. She has a great home is is so loved now. 6/29/2020.

Harley went to her forever home where she is being spoiled rotten! 6/27/2020

Milo, now Jimmy John in his new home. 6/24/20

Martina, now Dixie and Preston. He has already spoiled her. 6/16/2020

Corry was adopted! 6/12/20

Adopted 6/12/2020

Congratulations Angela and Saturn. Thanks for adopting. 6/11/2020

Rainy got her forever home on 6/8/2020. He new family is moving back from Florida and will be picking her up to start her new life.

Congratulations Robert on your new home. 6/3/2020

Annabelle and Princess Leia, forever best friends. 5/20/2020

5/17/2020, Hayden adopted!

5/13/2020 Piper got her forever home. Congratulations Piper.

Trixie Lou in her new home. 5/7/2020

5/7/2020 Kirisin got her forever home.

Kiki got a home of her own. Congratulations KIKI and Katye. 5/7/2020

Oliver and Nelly are now a happy family. 4/28/2020

Monica finally got her forever home! 4/27/20

Lucile went to her fosters and they asked her to stay forever. She accepted! 4/13/2020

4/10/2020 Charlie was adopted. Congratulations you three.

4/7/2020 Cooper went to her new home.

4/7/2020 Polo with his new family. Congratulations!

4/3/2020 Loyd with his new mama.

4/3/2020 Abe and his new daddy.

Addie was adopted 4/1/20. Congratulations Addie!

3/29/2020 Bingo went to his forever home.

3/39/2020 Koda and his new mama. Congratulations you two.

3/26/2020 Dixie went to her forever home.

3/24/2020 Paris adopted.

Louie finally got a home! 3/20/20.

Zoe, adopted 3/8/2020. Zoe got a great family. Congratulations to you both.

Luna, adopted 3/6/2020

2/29/20 Bullet

Arly 2/29/20

Ella 2/29/20

Congratulations Chilly on your new home. 2/28/20.

Ellen was adopted on 2/4/20. We are so happy for you Ellen!

Patches was adopted on 1/28/20. Congratulation Patches.

Stubby and Remy. 1/23/2020

Ivy was adopted 1/23/20.

Riley was adopted on 1/23/20. Congratulations Riley!

Paul was adopted on 1/22/20. Paul had a sweet couple waiting on him at the shelter to get back from the vet. They met him and fell in love.

Trixie was adopted on 1/14/20.Congratulations Trixie and Jackie.

Today 1/11/2020 is the first day of Duke’s new life. Congratulations on your new home Duke.

Shadow was our dog of the week and today 1/10/20 was his lucky day. He had a great family come by and adopt him.

Rouge was picked up on 1/8/20 and got to go to her forever home. Congratulations Rouge and good luck.

Peach went to her forever home on 1/10/20. Look at that cute pink collar with a flower. We believe Peach is already spoiled. Enjoy every minute of it Peach.

Congratulations Sugar (now Honey) on your new home. 1/8/20.

Deuce went to his forever home on 1/7/20. These cute kids are loving their new puppy.

Milo was adopted 1/5/20. Congratulations Milo on your forever home.

After 2 years of being at the shelter, sweet Bubba was adopted on 12/18/19. We are so happy for him.

Nugget, Bonnie and Pumpkin have all gone to rescues up North to be adopted.

Jax had a wonder family come adopt him just in time for the holidays. He went home on12/14/19.

Tracey got her Christmas wish. She found her forever home on 12/15/19.

Princess was adopted on Thanksgiving. What a blessing for her and her new family.

Starla was spayed Tuesday then headed to her new home with her mom and brother. Congratulations!

This sweet girl will be going to the vet this week to be spayed then headed to her new home in Ruston.

Congratulations Cooper!! He left Saturday going to his forever home.

Tracy has gone to her forever home. We are so happy for her! Tracy has been at the shelter for a while. She ready to check out and go to a new home. Tracy is calm and loving. She is approximately 6 yrs old and is spayed.